Postage Savings Strategy


Focus Mailing has been approved by the USPS to utilize Mail Anywhere and E-Induction as a result of our outstanding compliance with full service standards.

Focus Mailing works with our customers to develop a strategy for achieving the utmost in postage savings while still remaining true to the specifications of the job. Listed below are some of the strategies we employ to give clients maximum discounts:

  • Manifesting
    • With larger jobs containing multiple lots with various piece weights and thicknesses, we are able to run as one mailing rather than having to mail each lot separately.
  • Presorting
  • Drop shipping/destination savings
  • PMOD (Priority Mail Open and Distribute)
  • Firm Packaging
  • List Optimization
  • Mail Piece Design Recommendations
  • On-Site Post Office (DMU Verification)

USPS Resources (links):

Postage Rate Sheet

Direct Mail Manual (DMM)

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